Refereed Journal

  • On orthogonal tensors and best rank-one approximation ratio [PDF(arxiv)]

    with Zhening Li, Yuji Nakatsukasa, André Uschmajew

    SIAM Jounal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, to appear.

  • Finding a low-rank basis in a matrix subspace [Journal Website] [PDF(ArXiv)]

    with Yuji Nakatsukasa and André Uschmajew

    Mathematical Programming, 162(1), pp. 325–361, 2017 (first online 2016).

  • Multicasting in Linear Deterministic Relay Network by Matrix Completion [Journal Website] [PDF(technical report)]

    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 62(2), pp. 870–875, 2016.

    (Journal version of my paper in ISIT 2014)

  • Fast Deterministic Algorithms for Matrix Completion Problems, [Journal Website] [PDF]

    SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, 28(1), pp. 490–502, 2014.

    (Journal version of my paper in IPCO 2013)

Refereed Conference Proceedings


  • A New Approximation Guarantee for Monotone Submodular Function Maximization via Discrete Convexity [PDF(arxiv)]

    with Yuichi Yoshida

    ArXiv, 2017


  • Master: “Faster Deterministic Algorithms for Matrix Completion Problems,” Kyoto University, 2013, supervised by Satoru Iwata.

    Operation Research Society Japan Student Paper Award (第31回日本オペレーションズ・リサーチ学会学生論文賞)

  • Doctor: “Submodular and Sparse Optimization Methods for Machine Learning and Communication,” 2016, supervised by Satoru Iwata.

    Department Award (情報理工学系研究科研究科長賞)