Satoru Iwata

My primary research interests are in the areas of mathematical programming. I have been working on design and analysis of efficient algorithms for discrete optimization concerning matroids and submodular functions. I am also interested in applications of discrete optimization techniques to algebraic/numerical computation that arises in systems analysis and control.

Department of Mathematical Informatics
University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-8656, Japan
Tel: +81-3 (5841) 7430

Lecture Video

Submodular Function Minimization

NIPS Workshop "Discrete Optimization in Machine Learning," Whistler (December 2010)

A Weighted Linear Matroid Parity Algorithm

William Tutte's 100th Distinguished Lecture Series, Waterloo (June 2017)

Lecture Notes

Discrete Methods in Informatics (Topics in Combinatorial Optimization)

University of Tokyo (October 2005 - January 2006)


Global Optimization

Approximation Algorithms

Submodular Function Minimization

Discrete Convex Analysis

Submodular Flow

Network Flow

Graph Algorithms

Matroid Intersection


Linking System and Supermodular Coloring

Differential-Algebraic Equations

Matrix Pencils

Polynomial Matrices

Signed Matrices

Partitioned Matrices

Decomposition Technique

Game Theory

Control Theory